Lithuania, Vilnius

The training has been held in Vilnius, Lithuania. The most active participants of the last Carbon Conversations training group participated in the event. Those who had previously attended facilitator training were also invited. The purpose of this training was to remember and update the information as well as to get to know more about the moderating part. Firstly, participants discussed what are the moderator’s key skills and characteristics. Learning material and moderator's guide was also thoroughly analyzed. The second part of the training started with various tasks. Participants attempted to set up a training program for future trainings. In addition, they were also thinking of the ways how to attract more people to participate in Carbon Conversations training. The group agreed that training should be available for everyone and decided to adapt the Carbon Conversations games to Lithuanian language. Therefore, participants were certified and at the moment are ready to start organizing trainings in their own communities and organizations.

Ziniu kodas / Knowledge Code
+370 677 83374

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