Carbon Conversation in Spain - Group 3

Spain, Reus

9 people (mainly youth workers and educators of young people) participated in the third Carbon Conversation Group. The group was very enthusiastic and all of them expressed their willlingness to start their own projects (Replicable Projects) to reduce Carbon Footprint.

The sessions were organised as follows:

1st session: Introduction
- Introduction of the course, main objectives and aims and responsibilities of the students.
- What is climate change
- Materials and structure of the course
- Ice-breaking activities and related to the topics such as global warming, how to save energy…)

2nd session: Home and energy
- The meaning of home
- Planning for a low-carbon house
- Get to know your house. Practical actions – “Good Housekeeping”

3rd session: Travelling and Transport
- What’s the problem with transport and travel?
- Get to know your journeys
- What do we transport and how
- Production and transport of goods

4th session: Food and Water
- Food worries and connected problems
- CO2 in the food (production, processing, packaging, transport)
- Easy steps to a healthy low-CO2 diet

5h session: Consumption and Waste
- Environment and economics
- Meeting basic needs
- Throwing things away

6th session: Planning for change
- Practical actions – “Collective Actions”
- Options for low-carbon transport


Mayte: The issue itself is very interesting and as a youth worker I have realised that they are not aware enough about it. These sessions have helped me see how easy it is to talk about sustainability and the environment of we create the right mood and encourage people to share their thoughts.

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